Hiking Yoga

2 hours of guided workout and exploring on Marjan. Have the best and complete training sequence with us!

Tour is specially designed for those who want to see Split from another point of view and stay fit at the same time. We will take you up the Marjan Hill touring the most spectacular views and hidden paths. And we’ll do it while the town is still asleep and the sun is rising.

Our Hiking Yoga practice is a two hour sequence that starts in downtown Split and crosses the most spectacular vistas on Marjan. We work in groups of 4-16 people and are changing the route depending upon the time of day, weather conditions and general fitness level of the group.

Even though this is not sightseeing tour and we shouldn’t be recommending you to take your camera, if it is a small one and it won’t interfere with your workout, do take it as the views are spectaculars.

Most of the locals agree that Marjan Hill is the most precious part of the town, it is only due resistance of the citizens themselves that this hill was saved from all kind of attempts to change it in the last 50 years. Join us and find out why!

Please keep in mind that the weather is playing a big role in setting our course and that the program can be changed accordingly!


Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays


06:30 AM – 08:30 AM


west end of Riva by Marmontova Street

What is Hiking Yoga?

Hiking Yoga is a new and modern holistic workout, practiced outdoors. It’s a mix of trail hiking and yoga session designed to take you to the new levels of both, Yoga and Hiking. Hiking will improve your aerobic shape and increase your lung capacity while Yoga will help you focus and stay in the Present Moment. It is an excellent way to keep in shape, get to know new places and balance your mind and spirit. Unlike most of the Yoga practices, this one is held outdoors and is keeping you in better touch with the nature. Once you’ve experienced this practice you will never want to go practicing indoors again.

How can I join Hiking Yoga?

Sign up here. You will get the timetable and location of our practicing in next the next weeks as well as the payment options.

Can I just show up at the meeting point and pay directly there?

Please sign up before. We like to keep track of participants so that we can send more than one trainer if needed. On the other hand, instructors will not show up in case there are no pre-booked participants.

What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable outfit that matches the weather conditions. You should have your hiking shoes or training sneakers, NO flip-flops.

What should I bring?

Whatever you bring, be sure you have a backpack to carry it. You should bring a small bottle of water and optionally a towel and a camera. We will provide you a small mat for the knees and hands. In the high summer it is a good idea to be protected by a cap and/or sunscreen. Even though it is not in our program, after the practice it can be great to take a swim in the sea, so if you think you will want to do that, take your swimsuit and the towel.

What level of fitness and Yoga experience is needed?

We will adjust the practice to every level but you should be able to hike some 3 kilometres (approx. 2 miles) up and down the hill.

What will happen if it is raining?

By booking the practice please provide us with your email address and if possible telephone number. If the forecast is really bad we will cancel the practice on the evening before per email. If the weather is unexpectedly bad we will inform you just before the practice so please check your email or phone before leaving for the meeting. In both cases we will return the whole amount you paid us!

How long is a Hiking Yoga practice?

Our Hiking Yoga practice normally takes about 2 hours. Please be flexible with the times as, depending of the group, it can take 15-20 minutes longer. If you are tight with time, please tell so our trainer right at the beginning so she/he can keep that in mind.

What happens if I am late or don’t show up for the practice?

In case of No Show you will be charged the full amount.

All payments will be effected in Croatian currency. The charged amount on your credit card account is converted into your local currency according to the exchange rate of credit card associations.